Kedney has been in business since 1922.  Our original building, now the “Warehouse Apartments” at 901 University Ave was actually built

by the Berge family – Fred Kedney went out of business after the warehouse was constructed and so we had either built this very large four story, 200,000 square ft. concrete facility for free or we were now in the warehouse business.  Back then, household goods was not the primary business but rather general warehouse and commercial distribution.  You have to bear in mind, that back then, rural America was a much more vibrant and larger percentage of population than today’s more centralized, urban, and metro settings.  The railroad tracks went right to the building and from there dry goods, freight, and merchandise were received, sorted and delivered to towns and cities all around.  Potatoes were stored in bulk, as was grain.  The Army Corps. Of Engineers leased space, Lystads leased the basement and made all of their soaps, cleaners, and detergents, etc. there as well.  Ford Motor Company actually rented space and constructed sub-assemblies of their earliest vehicles as well!  Brady Martz (areas premier accounting firm) leased space for years and had the first real commercial computer utilizing ‘punchcard’ technology – silly by today’s standards but cutting-edge software for its day (I mean we’re talking vacuum tubes!)  With the advent of the Grand Forks Air Force Base in the 50’s, a death in the family of Russell Berge – the second generation who was really more involved with the construction side ofke the business, the focus became moving and storage for the growing needs of people transferring for work and the massive cold war military machine.  Today, the focus is moving and storage though related fields of business that we offer distinct competence in only serve to put more legs under Kedney’s chair – which is why we call ourselves Kedney Moving Center – offering traditional moving and storage, truck rental (local and one-way), loading service, packing, crating, freight, LTL, office moves, self storage, parcel shipping, moving and shipping supplies, international moves, local and regional moves – and more!