Kedney Moving Center is your one stop shop for all things moving and storage related. We offer full service storage, but few opt for it due to price vs. self storage.  Truck rental – we rent Budget rental trucks.  We load a lot of rental trucks – and not just Budget, Penske and Uhaul too.  Savings of truck rental and the convenience of a mover is what we say. We have some (about 1/3) of our self storage is the traditional tin with a roll-up door.  We built them well, better roofs, etc.  But our best success has been with shipping containers – bought them new, all blue, went with concrete and added lots of bright yellow bollards plus commercial grade light poles, lots of new lights and a camera system.  They are hands down the driest, safest, and most secure self storage.  Period.  We made it look clean, professional and such.  We include 12 moving pads with each unit as well.  We also offer labor services in Grand Forks.