Many people planning a move have been conditioned by our 'dot com' world to neglect some realities until the last moment when a relocation is considered.  Seasonal industries, like moving and storage, can book up leaving you on your own.  Don't forget to plan moving details - not just with your mover - but the myriad of details that come together allowing you to navigate those crucial days of a relocation.  The stress many feel when moving doesn't have to so - so make a list, step-by-step, and break it all down to simple and easy to do tasks.  And include some 'wiggle room' around dates that "have to happen"... like closing dates!  Otherwise, for our role - call anytime to see what we can do for you.  And remember, we can do it all - or just the parts you need or even just want us to handle!   Moving, Storing, Packing, Shipping
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